About Us

TRRUST HEALTH CARE is Amritsar Based best pharmaceutical company in India, known for its drug research and development.lndian pharmaceutical industry is growing day by day and getting huge. Trrust Health Care has been ranked among top Indian Pharmaceutical companies. Its business focuses on Contract Manufacturing, Custom Synthesis, FTE Research, and the manufacture and marketing of pharmaceuticals products and services to clients across the globe, and its product portfolio includes a range of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), Fine Intermediates, Finished Drug Formulations (FDFs), Phyto Pharmaceuticals and CRAMS.

The company firmly believes and has consistently practiced good corporate governance which is reflected by our values such as transparency, professionalism and accountability. Without being swayed by passing phenomena and the social climate of the time, we will enhance our corporate value by ensuring that any and all of our business activities are so carried out that we may achieve high credibility with our stakeholders across the globe.