This formula is well researched and developed as a patent formulation by S.P. Singh Chawla, M.Sc. Chemistry & the intellectual property rights are under consideration. There is a growth of abnormal sweetness in the blood of patient . This abnormal sweetness is treated with increased insulin function & bitterness of herbs like neem patra, methi & karela helps extra to control the excess glucose in the blood of the patient.

Functions of Various Ingredients:

Gurmar is efficacy has been determine by "Nippon Pharma" . It's sugar control effect is around 51% as determined  by them.

Vijaysar - Its a very potent drug useful in increasing the insulin function from mild to moderate efficacy.

Jamun - Jamun is useful to control excessive urination.

Shilajit - It provide inorganic cations and Anions to maintain insulin level and Strengthen the body also.

Amla, shatavar strengthen the body of the paitent.



There is no need to take allopathic medicine or however cut down allopathic medicine slowly after checking the glucose level in the blood. Each 500mg capsule contains aq exts. gudmar, vijaysar, karela, methi, jamun phall & neem patra to control excess glucose. To increase the strength & stamina we are using amla (antioxidant) shatavar, ashwagandha, shilajit in the DIAVITAL CAPSULE.

The powder is made sterile before filling by high velocity electrons process called "BUNNY'S PROCESS"(Conditions Apply). The intellectual property rights are under consideration. Ultimately 1 glucose molecule gets metabolised into 38 ATP of energy in a single cell of the patient & the human body is made of billion cells. The process is by GLYCOLYSIS & KREBS CYCLE.

Note : The above studies have been confirmed by In Vitro studies or in test tube studies.
Following Important points must be noticed as given below before evaluating results of Diavital Capsule.

  • 1. Daily intake of Glucose.
  • 2. Body weight (BMI)
  • 3. Any kind of tension due to any factor.
  • 4. Daily exercise or daily morning or evening walk.

Side Effects : Diavital does not contain LEAD, ARSENIC, MERCURY, GOLD BHASAM, keeping in view the safety of the patients. DIAVITAL CAPSULE IS A HERBO-MINERAL FORMULATION WITHOUT ANY SIDE EFFECTS. IMPORTANT NOTE : For good result the patient are advise to follow diet chart (provided in the plastic bottle) strictly and must take a daily walk of 45 minutes. There is no need to take any allopathic vitalizer like B-Complex and antioxidants. Adverse Reactions : Mild skin allergy rarely reported in hypersensitive patients.

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Diavital - 60 Capsules Pack

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